Sunday, December 13, 2009

Transformer tights

This season is all about trendy tights totally transforming any outfit from simple to stylish.

The purple dress I'm wearing on the right is cute and simple with beautiful beading on the shoulders. In order to spruce up my outfit, I decided to pair it with black dogtooth tights and ankle boots. (I also wore a very tight black dress underneath to add some length to the was a bit too short for me!)

I think the tights added a cool retro chic edge to my outfit which I really loved. The great thing about these tights is that they go with all sorts of outfits whether it be smart or casual, night or day wear.

They come in different patterns such as lace and criss cross so you'll definitely find a pair to suit your style.

I love love love these pink heart tights I'm wearing on the left. I think they're so cute, and really give my outfit that super girly loved up look. (Please excuse my weird facial expression, I'm not much of a poser!)

These tights go perfectly with an all black outfit, or a black outfit with a bit of pink like a cardigan or jewellery.

Tarten tights are also really big this season. On the right I've paired them with a simple black dress and knee high boots. It gives a bit of attitude to what would have been a very simple and casual outfit.

As you can see I've very easily managed to rock three different pairs of trendy tights, so you can too! All you need is a simple outfit and some funky tights and you're ready to go! Click here to see a range of amazing patterned and print tights.

Which look do you like the most and why?


  1. gorgaloos! i love this style on you, you really pull it off well, my style is quite simple so i don't know how well it would work into my wardrobe? the pictures are beautiful v high fashion! britains next top model?

  2. really loving the first two outfits! ... the first one looks incredible on you, and in the 2nd outfit, the tights deff makes it more funky!! ..

    and Isabella, there would be no competition if she was on next top model! ;)

  3. The pink heart tights are awesome! - the whole outfit is great i love it :D

  4. Great outfit, im not so into the dramatic tights slyle but this really looks great!