Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fashion star of the week is...

Dannii Minogue

From the X Factor auditions to the live shows, Dannii Minogue has surprised us all with her supremely chic and show stopping outfits.

Last year it was all about Cheryls' wardrobe (which made us green with envy), but this year Dannii's come first place in the statement style section!

She's rocked so many different trends it's hard to keep up! From sleek and sexy to rock chick to pretty in pink; and she's managed to look picture perfect in each and every one of them. That's just not fair.

Are you a fan of Dannii's new fierce fashion forward attitude? Or do you think Cheryl's more fit for the fashionista title? You decide!

1 comment:

  1. Have to disagree.. in most shows I thought cheryl looked better. Also Danni's hair last week wtf?