Thursday, December 3, 2009

She's got the glam factor

With a head turning unique sense of style, this fierce fashionista is dressed to impress.

She looks so trendy I don't even know where to begin! The thing I love most about her look is that shes used so many different accessories to really add some funkiness to her outfit.

For starters, I love the yellow flower she's wearing on the side of her head. It's so big and bright and she wears it with cool confidence. She is also really setting a statement by wearing her hair in two massive side quiffs! Very daring, yet she pulls it off.

Her Chanel earrings, pearl necklace and classic big black bag bring pure elegance to her outfit.

I also think it's great how shes accessorized with her belt by wearing it across her green buttoned up cardigan. It's simple yet injects a dramatic colour into her outfit. Also, belts are really in this season, and can clearly totally spruce up any look.

She is certainly fashion forward wrapped up in her light camel skin coat with faux fur. Dainty yet dramatic.

My favourite part of her ensemble are her leopard print loafers. They are just too cool. I think I might treat myself to a pair!

What else can I say? This girl clearly embraces her unique style by mixing up all the latest trends and producing a fantastic ensemble. I simply love it! Do you agree? Or is her look a little too dramatic for you? Tell me what you think!

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