Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cheryl goes short

Last night I waited with great anticipation to see what the fashion obsessed X factor judge Cheryl Cole would be wearing on the show. Instead of being shocked by her outfit, I was stunned to see Cheryl without her hair extensions! I suppose this didn't come as much of a surprise seeing as there's been so much controversy over Cheryl's hair extensions this past week. The Daily Mail featured several articles on Cheryl's fake appearance, and how wrong it is that she's promoting L'Oreal shampoo while wearing fake hair. It's simply not right.

Could this be the reason behind Cheryl ditching the hair extensions? Well, I quite like her new look. I think she looks more elegant.

What do you think? Does it suit her? Will it be a permanent change?


  1. Much prefer her with extensions even though they are fake!!

  2. i think with short hair, cheryl looks more genuine and shows confidence as it portrays a natural party girl persona. but the other pic of her with the hair extensions looks very artificial because of the over exaggeration of the length."