Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Poll results: Big Jewellery

Last week I asked you: How do you wear your jewellery?
Here are the results:
Simple and chic 58%
Big and bold 1%
Punk and rock 0%
Pretty boho 0%
All the above 4%

The majority of you opted for simple and chic.

When I think of simple and chic jewellery, Swarovski comes to mind. Although their jewellery is certainly pricey, if you want to invest your money in elegant jewellery that will ensure you look sleek and sophisticated, Swarovski is the best place to go. However, even though simple and chic jewellery is really elegant, it’s also really safe.

Save your simple and chic jewellery for a special occasion, but experiment with big jewellery on a day to day basis. This season is all about big jewellery. It can totally transform an outfit from simple to spectacular. Look at the pictures below...

(Necklace - Topshop £14, Earrings - Accessorize £8, Bracelet - New Look £8)

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