Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interview: Fashion designer - Zozocouture

Zoe is a 19 - year - old fashion designer from downtown LA, with an exotic mix of French, Vietnamese and Mexican heritage. Designing and making clothes from the mere age of 9, Zoes career has gone from strength to strength. Also a model and hair stylist, Zoe is currently concentrating on her fashion label Zozocouture. Read on to see what Zoe told me about her path to fashion and what she hopes to achieve in the future...

Q-How did you get into fashion design?
A-Well, some of my earliest memories were when my mom made my baby blanket with her sewing machine when I was 2, and taught me how to thread a manual needle and sew two pieces of cloth together. I would always play around with different patchwork ideas and try to get the concept of shapes in clothing by making doll's clothes.
When I turned 9, I got my first sewing machine, but it was really cheap so it jammed a lot. I started making cosplay outfits for different animes (a style of animation developed in Japan) - I am a nerd at heart. When I was about 13, I lived with my dad, and we were so poor, I would go to the swap meet and get clothing and fabric (like $1 a yard) and I would make clothes, or alter them. Of course my skills weren't that great but I learned a lot about being resourceful, and now I am where I am today.

Q-What inspires your designs?
A-I have a lot of French and Japanese influence in my designs. I love the way the Japanese make clothes. It’s all about a little detail and a bit of hand sewing involved, and they don't skimp on artistic vision. The French are so bold and yet classic, nothing quite like it. I also think vintage animes really play a part in my inspiration. I try not to look at too many designers so that I don't make myself like them.

Q-Tell me a little bit about your fashion label, Zozocouture.
A-Well, it basically exists for things that I like. I always keep in mind what others would like and if it’s feasible, but in general it’s a lot of dresses, capes and things that I think are art. It's so hard for me to let go and sell these things because of my love and passion for them. I’m tied to each one. When I do start selling, I guess you’re guaranteed to get my love in it :)

Q-What do you enjoy most about being a fashion designer?
A-I enjoy that I am able to make art, and people actually respect it. I also enjoy going through trial and error and adding to my knowledge of design and construction. I just really love the feeling that designing gives me. It’s like, for an alcoholic or a drug addict, designing is my drug.

Q-What is your philosophy?
A-Passion is the most important thing in anything you do, if there is no passion, there is no art.

Q-What do you hope to achieve in the next few years?
A-I hope to have my own shop, and actually get paid for modelling. I also hope to be as revered as a serious artist.

Check out Zoes blog here.