Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pretty polished look

This look is simple yet uber-cool.

I especially love her cosy cashmere cardigan combined with her patterned flowery dress and funky brown ankle boots.

This is because the floral print brings a sweet and delicate look to her outfit, yet the boots give her look that perfect finishing edgy touch.

In addition, the soft colours suit her skin tone, and add great impact to her image.

She's also shown how accessorising can be easy and fun. Check out her key earring (left) and unusual yet super pretty necklaces!

I think she a has wicked and unconventional sense of style, and you'll certainly be seeing more of her on my blog!

What do you think of her outfit? Is it something you'd wear or ward off?


  1. MAZ: ohhh wow really cool ankle boots!! and i love the dress :D

  2. i love the earing! so cool. i used to do that with paper clips!!

  3. Carolyn:
    i love, so nice when people wear patterned dresses with denim jackets as well

  4. i like this look coz its totally unconventional yet she still looks comfortable and stylish. she's taken colours i wouldn't usually put together in one outfit, boots that look v warm and snuggly, and set it apart with some unique accesories....