Monday, November 22, 2010

Exclusive interview with ProudRace

ProudRace are an independent fashion label from Manila, Philippines. Here's what the edgy designers had to say about their showbiz past, their perfect present and their fashion forward future...

1. How did you get into fashion design?

P&R - We come from two completely different backgrounds and none of us took up formal training in fashion. We started out 2 years ago with a shirt line of the same name. We've always loved clothes and one thing led to another and here we are already promoting our third collection.

2. Tell me about your brand

P - Proudrace is about having a sense of humor and not being overtly serious with things.

R - Very ambiguous and our pieces are very easy to incorporate into an existing wardrobe

3. How did you come up with the name ProudRace?

P - Proudrace is a product of plain wordplay. As much as we want to say that our name came out of nationalistic intentions, it did not. We were just playing around with words. But when we started getting attention as a brand from manila, the whole name just became more significant to us because we really are proud of our race.

R - We always this question and it's always hard to answer it as far as i can remember it was just a play on words and now we just love that we kept the name because it just more significant now than before.

4. What's the story behind your fall/winter 2010 collection.

P&R - Our holiday 2010 collection is all about goth girls and grunge boys, a very prominent style in the '90s, an era that's always been a constant inspiration for the label. We played around with textures and the silhouettes and kept everything simple.

5. Your collection is mainly black and red...why did you choose those colours?

P - We've always been partial to blacks, greys and other neutrals but this time we decided to add a bit of color.

R - It felt like we just had to do something we've never done before and red is the last color that people would expect from us.

6. What's your favourite piece and why?

R - I love the bodycon dresses with trains.

P - The four arms button downs is my favourite.

7. Who is your favourite designer?

R - It's hard to pick but I've always been fascinated with Rick Owens' and Martin Margiela's aesthetics. Jeremy Scott is a constant favourite.

8. What do you hope to achieve in the future?

P & R - More stockists! Hahaha. We hope to expand around Asia and Europe and to get more people to understand the look and the feel of the label.

9. Tell my readers something no one knows about you.

P&R - We were child pop stars way back when.

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