Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poll results: sizzling sequins

Results are in and it looks like sequins have won. The majority of you are loving the new sequin trend, and I'm glad to hear because so am I!

Sequins are sassy and cool and instantly transform any outfit from simple and boring to sparkly and fun.

Take the picture below for example. I'm wearing a casual LBD with a zip up the front. To spice up my outfit I decided to pair my dress with a sexy black sequin jacket. It might not be so clear in the image below, but it really added an edgy look to my outfit which I loved!

New Look and River Island have a gorgeous range of sequins. If you also love the sequin trend and have pictures of you showing off your look send them to me at showmeyourstyle101@gmail.com and I might just feature them on my blog.


  1. You're right, a sequin jacket really can transform an outfit. I think I'm going to try it. Thanks!

  2. blacks okay, but not coloured sequins! otherwise, you might end up looking like a christmas tree

  3. I think the cropped black sequin jacket does everything it needs to for a LBD.. It adds that's funky fun look whilst it's simple, loose shape keeps it looking elegant and far from tacky!
    Top Marks for this look!