Sunday, November 22, 2009

Geek chic

Large frames are big, bold and bang on trend this season. They are super stylish and clearly give you that super signature look (left).

Anna Laub, a British journalist, recently launched a brand called Prism - unique hand made large frames. So stylish I want to buy a pair!

They act as an accessory, not just a necessity. So whether you wear prescribed glasses, or just want to add some quirkiness to your outfit, go for it and spruce up your look in these show stopping specs.

Even celebrities such as Johnny Depp (right) are famous for indulging in this playful trend.

So remember, flaunt these funky frames with a fashion forward attitude and all eyes will be on you.

What do you think of this statement style?


  1. i always wear large frames when i want to make a statement with my outfit. theyre fantastic. also, i just checked out anna laubs website, her specs are great. thanks for posting it on your blog.

  2. i really like this look... very quirky. It suits him too.

  3. umm a lil too geeky for me...looks cool on the guy tho

  4. I am currently wearing some large glasses and they definately have caught other's eyes :D quirky but cute indeed!