Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Looks can be deceiving

Fashion magazines are full of flawless models, but what do they look like in reality?

I found this video extremely disturbing, but at the same time really informative. I wouldn't say that the model is initially unattractive, but her transformation is epic!

It's normal for makeup and hair to make a massive difference to a womans appearance, but what really irritated me were the unnecessary changes made using Photoshop.

Thousands of girls (including myself) read these magazines and wonder 'why can't I look as perfect as...’ . It's extremely damaging to their self esteem. No wonder there has been a rise in anorexia in young girls.

Dove ( who made the video) have campaigned against this by using 'average' looking women in their adverts.

Do you think it's okay for magazines and adverts to publish images of fake but flawless looking models? What kind of a message are they giving out to easily influenced young girls?

But then again, would people really buy magazines or products if they were being advertised by 'real' women?


  1. I think it's really stupid that magazines publish these picture perfect images. It's so damaging. No one is perfect. Good on you Dove!

  2. Come on, would you really consider buying that foundation had she not been completely made up and touched up??? This is advertisment for you. No 'real' woman could sell any product. Thats reality.