Monday, November 30, 2009

Interview: Photographic stylist - Constance Victoria

British born Constance Victoria ,22, has hit the scene with her unique and edgy fabulous photography. She posts her fantastic images on her blog , as well as items she's selling on eBay!

Read on to see what the budding photographic star had to say...

Q-How did you get into photography?
A-I have always been passionate about fashion and have admired fashion photography in magazines and ad campaigns. I took an evening course in black and white photography when I was 18 and learnt all the skills of working in a darkroom and using film. I loved the course so much that I decided to complete a degree in the subject and pursue it as my profession.

Q-What inspires your photography?
A-I am inspired by so many things. Obviously fashion has a great impact in what inspires me, and the work of other great photographers. Some of the ones who really inspire my style are Paolo Roversi and Tim Walker. I love their slightly eerie and fairytale like images and try to create this effect in my own work.

Q-Whats the best thing about being a photographic stylist?
A-I love creating a concept for a photoshoot and making an idea in my head come to life on the set using the location, wardrobe, models and props etc.

Q-Tell me a little about your blog..
A-I started writing the blog in the spring this year after deciding I wanted an outlet for my creative practices and to promote my work. It ended up becoming more of an outfit and personal style blog but I really enjoy creating it and I love receiving the beautiful comments from my readers!

Q-What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?
A-I would say to any aspiring photographers to have fun and be creative. It is a really hard industry to gain work in so its great to just have fun doing it and see what comes your way! I would really recommend doing a very hands on and practical course as well as it really does help to inspire and improve work once you have learned how to use different equipment and cameras.

Q-What do you hope to achieve in the next few years?
A-I would love in the future to have built up enough of a name for myself to make a living entirely from my photography - Although my dream for the future would actually be to own my own fashion boutique! I guess I have no idea what I will end up doing but I like that there is a bit of mystery and an unknown element to the future!

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