Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What coat will you be wearing this season?

I am not a fan of the winter.

Growing up in London I’ve learnt to associate winter with short, cold, rainy days and long, dark, chilly nights. I also always come down with a cold! To avoid sounding like a total cynic, there are some things I do enjoy doing during the winter one of which is curling up on the sofa (wrapped up in blankets of course!) while drinking hot chocolate and watching a nice romantic movie.

Most importantly however, the impending wintery season gives me an excuse to go shopping for new key items to add to my forever expanding winter wardrobe.

Obviously, it’s impossible to purchase a whole new winter wardrobe, however, if you are going to invest your money in something this winter, it must be a coat!

This season you have a choice of five fabulous coats that will instantly send you into the wintery season with a fantastic fashion forward flawless look.

Trench Coat

The trendy trench coat remains in fashion every winter. It’s slick, subtle and simple; perfect for a demure day look with a chic edge. The style is available for both men and women, and achieves the same lavish look for both.

I absolutely love this perfectly polished yet rather pricey £350 Karen Millen textured trench coat, available from asos.com. The hard shoulders and contrasted metallic and wool textures look fantastic. For a more reasonably priced trench coat visit Zara who’ve got a gorgeous mid length trench coat available in both beige and navy for £59.99 or this black shoulder tab trench coat for £35 from Matalan.

Camel Coat

Classic Camel coats are for women who embody elegance and exude confidence. Camel coats work well with both dressed down and formal outfits.

Why not combine both the trench and camel coat trend with this gorgeous camel trench £80 coat from Topshop? It’s nicely fitted and has a bold belt at the waist. I also adore this £75 wool hooded duffel coat from asos.com which is also available in 5 other colours.

Military Coat

Military coats are a must have this season! The sharp bold buttons and super hard shoulders give a divine and defined look to every outfit. Military style coats have been in fashion before and I believe they'll be in fashion again, so it's a great idea to invest your money in one.

I instantly fell in love with this £100 velvet military coat from asos.com. It comes with a belt and is available in both khaki and navy. It's really sharp and edgy..I think it's fantastic. New Look have this really cool military leatherette jacket for £39.99 which looks great paired with leggings or skinny jeans.


Forget super hero and think super chic. Capes have a flowy and feminine feel to them, and with the array of different fabrics available, you'll be lost for choice!

Matalan have this fantastic brushed check button cape for £30.00. It really is a must have this season. Oli.co.uk also have this sultry and sophisticated polo knitted cape for £60.00 which is perfect for any casual occasion.

Aviator Coats
These fun, fashionable and often furry coats look fantastic paired with skinny jeans or slim fit trousers. If you're curvy then I would ensure that the aviator coat you choose doesn't fall directly on your hips as you'd end up looking wider than you actually are.

Boohoo.com have an amazing selection of aviator coats, however, the £45 Julie Shearling aviator gilet stood out for me the most. It oozes sleek sophistication and prim perfection. Zara also do a simple and casual aviator zipped jacket for £39.99 available in brown, blue and camel.

I hope I've inspired you and assisted you in deciding what coat you will be wearing this season. Please comment and let me know what you've chosen and why!
Do you love/hate one of the above trends, if so why?

Comment comment comment :)

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Lots of love

Mandy X


  1. Thanks for posting these... was really stuck n what coat to go for ...
    but have fallen in love with the wool hooded duffel coat.. ;)

  2. Great post Mandy. The Julie Shearling Aviator Gilet is my favourite. I'm going to buy it now. Thanks for posting these Mandy!

  3. Wow Mandy,
    Thanks really needed this info
    so need to buy a new coat :)
    i love the colour camel - so happy its in fashion