Monday, January 11, 2010

Interview: Fashionista Dar Mashiah

Undoubtedly known for choosing comfort over style, the Israeli fashion sense isn’t one to really go by. For most Israelis, a tee-shirt and jeans will do for both work and a bar mitzvah, it’s comfortable remember? However, tucked away in Haifa is Israel’s answer to high street flawless fashion; internet project manager, Dar Mashiah.

Q-Tell me a little about your blog.
A-I started my blog 2 years ago and looking back I have to say it has totally changed my life. When I began, "back in the day", there were only a few Israeli fashion blogs and most of them were street fashion - a photographer taking pictures of interestingly and well dressed people on the streets, usually in Tel-Aviv. I hadn’t seen any blogs of Israelis who mainly took pictures of themselves and their own wardrobe. So, as the fashionista I was and am, I decided to start a blog. In the beginning there were no readers or comments, but I kept on going because I liked it and I enjoyed sharing my inspiration. As time passed, more and more people discovered my blog. There were press items and the blog became pretty well known here. A lot of the readers have started blogs of their own and now there is a pretty big fashion blogger community here in Israel, which is great!

Q-What inspires your looks?
A-I think most of all it’s my mood which inspires my looks. I wake up and think how do I feel today and how would I like to look today? Some days I want to have a more edgy look, some days romantic, and some days casual - but I always try to keep it interesting for myself.

Q-Which designers inspire and you and why?
A-I am inspired by Marc Jacobs - I like the element of surprise and fun in his designs. I also love Stella McCartney’s edgy-feminine designs, and Rick Owens silhouettes which look like they were taken from a very distant ancient era. I also love Givenchy! Riccardo Tisci's last collection was mind-blowing: amazing geometric prints, structured pieces and breathtaking jackets.

Q-Why did you turn down jobs in the fashion industry?
A-The proposals I got were mainly in the fashion journalism field.
The reason I turned those offers down was because those jobs don’t pay very well. I don't think junior fashion journalists and writers get rewarded enough, it’s a very small field (there is no Vogue or Elle in Israel) and there are only a few (and by few I mean like less than 5) jobs you can aspire to. I didn't want to go in that direction and barely make a living, and have to wait many many years until I would maybe get the chance to become an editor, so I turned it down. I definitely see my future in the internet.

Q-What do you hope to achieve in the future?
A- I hope to continue sharing my inspiration and enjoying it. I also hope to continue creating quality content which people can relate to and appreciate. I would like to see Israeli fashion take a bigger place in the worldwide fashion map and hope that Israeli fashion blogs will be recognized among the top fashion blogs in the world, in the near future.

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